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Outdoorchef AG is a subsidiary of the Diethelm Keller Group, a globally operating Swiss holding company that is managed by the fourth generation of the founding family. The Diethelm Keller Group consists of the divisions (Operating Units) Premium Brands, Household Brands, Travel, Industrial, and Active Investments. Around 5,000 employees work for the company in 29 countries. The founders of the Diethelm Keller companies started their business activities in the 1860s with trade between Europe and Asia. This became the DKSH Holding. More information is available at diethelmkeller.com

As the BBQ manufacturer of gas kettle barbecues with nooks and crannies, we are Europe's first choice for gourmets who appreciate authenticity and high quality. We are committed to making the hearts of the BBQ community beat faster every day. For years OUTDOORCHEF has been setting new standards in the BBQ community. As a globally active Swiss company, we focus on Swissness, innovation, technology and design.

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Swissness and Innovation

Quality and innovative spirit is in our DNA. OUTDOORCHEF has been impressing the market with innovations for more than 20 years. OUTDOORCHEF laid its foundations with the unique funnel system. This guarantees an even heat distribution and prevents unwanted fat fires. These features set OUTDOORCHEF apart from all other grills on the market.

Whether it is meat, crispy pizza, fresh bread or paella you are cooking - there are no limits to culinary creativity with OUTDOORCHEF.

Swiss Engineering und Design

With Gourmet Burner Technology (GBT), OUTDOORCHEF introduced seamless temperature control. This technology makes every BBQ fan’s heart beat faster. Low temperature cooking at 80° for the perfect fillet, low and slow at temperatures between 110° and 130° for juicy pulled pork or 360° C for a crispy pizza.

The Gas Safety System (GSS) is another milestone in OUTDOORCHEF's efforts to leave no stone unturned when it comes to safety. Rain, snow or storms - the flame burns! The GSS prevents gas from not being ignited and escaping.

Reduced to the essentials, OUTDOORCHEF is synonymous with a timeless, clear, minimalist design. Awards such as the iF Design Award 2020 and the German Design Award 2021 strengthen this claim.

Our product claim: OUTDOORCHEF guarantees maximum enjoyment with minimum effort for a relaxed get-together!


As a premium manufacturer OUTDOORCHEF offers a wide and high quality range of BBQs. When it comes to packaging, we strive for maximum protection with minimum packaging material. For example, we only use packaging made from natural materials for the latest generation of BBQs and do not use plastic or polystyrene.

Gourmet Burner Technology (GBT):

• Continuous, uninterrupted temperatures ranging from 80°–360°C

• Ability to slow roast or keep food warm at 80°C

• Perfect for low and slow barbecuing in temperatures ranging from 110°C–130°C

• Barbecuing, cooking and baking; max. heat up to 360°C

Gas Safety System (GSS):

• Flame Guard: Ignited burners are optimally protected against the weather and re-ignite automatically if extinguished by a strong wind

• Barbecuing is possible at very low temperatures, even in windy weather

• Prevents non-ignited gas from leaking out

• Safety Light: Proven safety that lights up. The safety light illuminates when the valve is open and the gas is escaping

Our story

The exciting story of the OUTDOORCHEF brand began with a birthday party that ended in a culinary fiasco

In 1992 Mike Lingwood wanted to spoil his daughter's birthday guests, young and old, with delicacies from a gas grill station quickly and easily. Dancing flames, heavy smoke and burnt food were the result. He decided that this should never happen to him again.

The idea of a system capable of preventing grease fires was born!

Experiments with a washing machine drum, which the conical centre was cut out of and used as a funnel, led to a breakthrough. The idea of dividing the funnel in two ultimately led to the unique OUTDOORCHEF funnel system. The funnel system ensures even heat distribution in the ball and prevents grease fires and smoke production. You can grill in the normal position and volcano position with temperatures of up to more than 500° C.

1996 With the Classic Kettle 570 and 480, the first gas kettle barbecues are offered under the OUTDOORCHEF brand and revolutionise barbecuing.

1999 Foundation of the OUTDOORCHEF company in Switzerland and independent takeover of production.

2004 OUTDOORCHEF launches the first gas kettle barbecue with double burner on the market: ROMA 570.

2005 OUTDOORCHEF the pizza and bread baking stone for the grill. This is still one of the OUTDOORCHEF bestsellers.

2006-2010 The OUTDOORCHEF funnel system is continuously optimised.

2009 Takeover of the OUTDOORCHEF brand by the Diethelm Keller Brands (DKB) Group.

2017 OUTDOORCHEF installs the ball system in a square grill with the Dualchef-Line. Thanks to the Dual Gourmet System (DGS®) Zone Divider, the grill can be separated into two temperature zones.

2018 With the Lugano 570 G, OUTDOORCHEF set new standards in terms of Design, technology and possible uses for the BBQ community.

The Gourmet Check Pro developed by OUTDOORCHEF transmits core and convection temperatures directly to the smartphone, ensuring first-class cooking results.

2020 2With the AROSA 570 G, OUTDOORCHEF continues to expand its range based on minimalist design language and revolutionised technology.

The birth of Gourmet Burner Technology (GBT) OUTDOORCHEF introduces the seamless temperature control functionality from 80-360 ° C. This technology makes every BBQ fan’s heart beat faster. Low temperature cooking at 80° for the perfect fillet, low and slow at temperatures between 110° and 130° for juicy pulled pork or 360° C for a crispy pizza.

Launch of the Gas Safety System. Carefree barbecuing in rain, snow and storms. The GSS prevents gas from not being ignited and escaping. In addition, the LEDs in the rotary controls indicate that the valve is open and gas is flowing. So that you don't forget to close the gas tap of the bottle again after the barbecue.

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