Grilling chicken on the barbecue can be a challenging affair. If you sear it a high temperature, the lean meat tends to overcook on the outside while it remains raw on the inside. The problem is that a whole chicken contains areas of very thin and very dense meat. In the thickest areas, it takes much longer to reach the required 75 degrees Celsius inside the chicken. Meanwhile, the thinner areas will tend to become overcooked.


Which is why we have come up with a neat trick – by making a few targeted cuts, we can ensure that the chicken can be easily flattened before grilling. This has several advantages. Namely, it lets us increase the surface area to absorb the roasting flavours, makes seasoning and marinating easier and, above all, lays the foundation for an evenly cooked result. Due to the flatter structure, all areas can be cooked in roughly the same amount of time and, when served, the chicken is both crispy and juicy.