Cours de BBQ

Participez à notre cours de cuisine spécial grillades et découvrez toutes les possibilités de votre barbecue. Au menu de nos cours, pas de théorie indigeste, mais de succulentes grillades parfaitement assaisonnées. Profitez de l'expérience de nos chefs qui vous donneront des conseils et des astuces pour savourer des grillades variées et saines. Passez des heures inspirantes et agréables à discuter barbecue, cuisine et cuisson avec OUTDOORCHEF.

Durée du cours:

Prévoyez environ quatre heures pour cet agréable moment autour d'un barbecue. Vous préparerez un menu complet au barbecue, de l'apéritif au dessert. Vous apprendrez, en agréable compagnie, à préparer et organiser de façon optimale votre barbecue à la maison.

Nombre de participants: 

Minimum 12 personnes, maximum 18 personnes

Le prix comprend:

  • Accompagnement par des professionnels
  • Menu avec plusieurs plats
  • Apéritif et eau minérale
  • Brochure de recettes
  • Tablier spécial barbecue

Informations complémentaires:
Les cours de BBQ sont organisés conformément aux directives de protection du BAG.

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Date Cours Lieu Chef Places libres  
De 18:00 - 22:15
Grillkurs Fingerfood image 0 Grillkurs Fingerfood image 0
Cours de BBQ Fingerfood
Rampe EG
Eggbühlstrasse 28
8050 Zürich
Freddy Camerer 11
CHF 170.00
De 18:00 - 22:15
Grillkurs Fingerfood image 0 Grillkurs Fingerfood image 0
Cours de BBQ Fingerfood
Grossbruggerweg 3
7000 Chur
Freddy Camerer 17
CHF 170.00
De 18:00 - 22:15
Grillkurs Fleisch perfekt zubereitet image 0 Grillkurs Fleisch perfekt zubereitet image 0
Cours BBQ grillades parfaitement préparée
Rampe EG
Eggbühlstrasse 28
8050 Zürich
Urs Surber 12
CHF 150.00

Nos cours de barbecue

Basic grill course

Experience how easy it is to prepare creative and healthy delicacies on the gas kettle grill. These grill cooking courses are a flavorful mix of theory and practical work on the grill. At the same time, you will take home a portion of new ideas and a pinch of “knowing how and willingness to experiment”.


Grilled bratwurst with cold mustard sauce
and focaccia

Salmon satay skewers on
spaghetti salad

Spider steak araignée (spider bone cover) with ratatouille

Tafelspitz with horseradish foam
potato pan and
glazed carrots

Baked apples

Grill course Gourmet

Let OUTDOORCHEF inspire you to create new culinary delights. Experience how great menus can be conjured up with fresh, seasonal ingredients. In this way you can spoil yourself and your guests with special dishes quickly and easily from the grill.


Tuna rolls from the grill
Mini pork roulades with spinach and cheese filling

Breaded cod fillet royal
Aubergine tartar

Denver ribs with beer marinade
Potato bread

Flat iron steaks with red wine jus
Wild rice in a half moon
Stuffed zucchini

Biscuit roulade with fruit

Grill course Wild

“With us, the deer is still in the mood”. Extend the barbecue season with autumnal dishes: deer, roe deer and wild boar are ideal for preparation on the gas kettle grill. The fine roasted aromas underline the hearty taste of game and the game meat can basically be prepared in a similar way to beef. It's a little leaner and you have to be careful not to let it get too dry. Our grill chefs will show you how.


Game meatloaf variations
Satay kebabs
Stuffed mushrooms

Deer medallion wrapped in cured ham
Pumpkin chutney
Chestnut potato pancakes

Stag ranch steak (shoulder of venison)
Potato wedges
Savoy cabbage pan

Wild boar kidney piece with Tyrolean dumpling filling
Uelis wild sauce

Flammkuchen with apples
Figs in puff pastry with goat cheese
and honey chili flakes

Veggie Deluxe BBQ

Grillen schmeckt nur mit Steaks und Würstchen? Von wegen! Bunte vegetarische Grillgerichte bringen selbst eingefleischte Grillfans ins Wanken. Grillen Sie mit uns ein vegetarisches Gala-dinner und lassen Sie sich von einzigartigen Vegi-Geschmäckern verführen.


Veganer Flammkuchen


Gefüllte Avocado

Fächer Zucchini

Veganes Gemüsecurry

Birnen Tarte Tatin

Burgers Only

Life is better with a burger! Unsere Grillkurs-Hommage an das berühmteste aufgeschnittene Brötchen der Welt. Ob Veggie, Fisch oder Fleisch – in diesem Grillkurs packen wir alles ins Brötchen.


Burger Variatitionen:

  • Classic Cheese Burger
  • Lachs Burger
  • Merguez Burger
  • Pulled Jackfruit Burger

BBQ Sauce, Rote Beete Mascarpone, Senfschaum Sauce

Coleslaw Salat

Sweet Burger

Bock auf Wild

Bei uns hat das Reh noch Bock! In diesem Grillkurs erwarten Sie herbstliche Köstlichkeiten rund ums Thema Wild. Grillen Sie mit unseren erfahrenen Grillchefs ein einzigartiges 5-Gänge-Menü mit verschiedenen Wild-Arten und erweitern Sie Ihr kulinarisches Herbst-Repertoire. Nur von September bis Ende Oktober buchbar.


Champignon Spiesschen mit Chicoree-Schiffchen

Herbst Flammkuchen

Hirschhack Hefezopf

Gefülltes Reh-Eckstück im Speckmantel mit kleinen Kartoffeln

Süsser Herbsttraum


Wo hochwertige Zutaten auf traditionelle Küche treffen: Entdecken Sie im Gourmet-Kurs das kulinarische Universum von und mit Schweizer Fernseh-Legende Grill-Ueli.


Aperobrot mit Thunfisch Medaillons auf Ceasar Salat

Grill Cordon Bleue

Haselnuss Cevapcici

Kvrgusa (Hähnchen im Teig) mit gefüllten Tomaten

Tiramisu im Glas

Nos grillades

Freddy Camerer

Freddy gained his experience in exciting places. After completing his training at the Hotel Real in Vaduz and the Hotel Management School Belvoirpark, his work not only drew him to well-known hotels such as the Grand Hotel in Bad Ragaz, but also to events where, in addition to cooking and grilling skills, above all fun was required. He has already taken part in a 48-hour barbecue and could be seen on Sat.1 as a grill chef on "Die Promigriller" for a few years. To cut a long story short: entertainment is never neglected at meat sommelier and hotelier Freddy.

En savoir plus

Josef Niedermann

Josef's technical training as a butcher led him to the grill early on. Even then, he focused on the refinement of meat and meat products. After the master craftsman's examination, Josef was always on the lookout for something new in the meat and sausage sector - now for about 30 years he has always had his finger on the pulse with the development of new spice mixtures and grill items. As a certified meat sommelier and certified AMA grill trainer, he now wants to pass on his experience to interested grillers.

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Fredy Schärmeli

Fredy is a passionate restaurateur and has fulfilled a dream with the Culinarium in Arlesheim: a restaurant with its own brewery and barbecue terrace. The experienced griller knows exactly how to make guests happy and is happy to pass on his knowledge to the course participants.

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Jean-Maurice Zwahlen

Jean-Maurice did his training in the hotels Jolidon de la Gare and du Parc in the Jura, he then acquired his professional skills in many well-known hotels in Switzerland. The 48-hour barbecue with the Outdoorchef team is also one of his experiences. Reason for his participation: "I'm simply enthusiastic about the countless possibilities and the simple application. Outdoorchef spans a culinary arc from the conventional way of grilling to varied delicacies from the grill".

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Urs Surber

«Not everyone who swings a pair of tongs is automatically a grill master». Urs is certainly right with this statement. With an outdoor manager and Urs' help at your side, you can almost speak of a guarantee of success. Because Urs is an enthusiastic cook and grill chef who likes to share his tips and tricks. After working as a mechanical engineer, where he worked for the largest American armaments company, among other things, he turned his hobby into a part-time job and has been stimulating gourmet grilling ever since.

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Jessica Maggetti

Jessica is a trained cook and practices her profession with great enthusiasm. She always creates her own recipes and repeatedly competes successfully with other chefs, including on the TV show "Beef Club" on Sat.1. At the German barbecue championships, she gained so much barbecue experience in various competitions that it was enough for a whole team. Or the participants of the Outdoorchef barbecue courses ;-)

En savoir plus

Roger Eichta

Even as a little boy, Roger was passionate about barbecues while hiking and camping. He then taught himself the "proper" grilling step by step, until he was only able to fine-tune his skills at various grilling courses. Roger recently turned his passion for pampering people into a profession and leased a small, cozy restaurant with his partner. As a result, he was able to gain many new experiences, which he is very happy to pass on to the course participants.

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Pour l'équipe

Vous souhaitez renforcer votre équipe ou la relation avec vos clients ? Dire simplement merci pour le grand effort ou la coopération inspirante ? Alors nous avons exactement ce que vous cherchez ! Participez à un cours de cuisine au barbecue OUTDOORCHEF avec votre équipe ou vos clients.

Vous apprendrez à connaître votre homologue d'une nouvelle manière, car des compétences complètement différentes sont requises pour le barbecue. Les rôles sont réattribués et les conversations prennent une autre direction. Vivez un événement d'équipe qui touche avant tout le sens du goût, une rencontre qui passe par l'estomac. Dans nos cours de cuisine au barbecue, vous ne trouverez pas de plats théoriques secs, mais plutôt des résultats de barbecue juteux et épicés. Passez des heures inspirantes et agréables sur le thème de la grillade, de la cuisine et de la pâtisserie avec OUTDOORCHEF.