Ask any barbecue professional and they'll agree – before placing a cut of meat cut on the barbecue, you should think about which cooking method will work best. A basic distinction is made here between barbecuing and grilling. Grilling is all about the roasting flavours and a short cooking time, while barbecuing means using a lower temperature and a longer cooking time to break down the meat's basic structure.

The Outdoorchef Arosa is perfect for both modes, as it can generate extreme heat at specific points as well as a constantly low temperature. This is made possible thanks to the patented funnel system, which we explain in the video. Depending on the chosen setting, the heat is either concentrated or distributed over a larger area. Either way, the results speak for themselves – from juicy steaks seared with a fabulous, char-grilled pattern to numerous dishes cooked via the typically American "low & slow" method.