Many barbecue fans still have some reservations about placing fish on the outdoor grill. This is understandable as, due to its fragile protein structure, fish quickly dries out and the lack of fat makes it very unforgiving to over/under-cooking. However, if you use the skin as a heat shield and follow a few tricks during preparation, cooking a whole fish on the barbecue is an extraordinary culinary experience that quickly becomes addictive. In addition, fish is among the most sustainable barbecue specialities.


Known for its characteristic red spots, brown trout is native to Central Europe. It lives in rivers, streams and lakes and is also very easy to breed. In other words, there are other options besides sea fish for the barbecue – most fish counters also stock a range of local fish sourced virtually from the doorstep. We cooked our trout on the Outdoorchef Arosa and barbecued a juicy vegetable side dish at the same time.