Check the gas supply

  • Open the gas supply on the bottle and on the barbecue (turn the rotary knob to the right position).
  • If the gas can be ignited by opening the underside of the kettle barbecue using a match, the problem is with the ignition.



Check the ignition

  • Press the ignition (separate or integrated into the rotary knob; varies according to the type of barbecue) when the gas supply is switched off. If you don’t hear a ‘click click’ noise, change the battery for your ignition according to your type of barbecue (direct ignition in the rotary knobs under the operating panel). Where ignition is separate, this is located directly at the ignition point).
  • If you hear a ‘click click’ noise, you need to check the ignition cable: Make sure that the ignition cable is properly sealed and attached to the ignition points (under the operating panel) and to the electrodes (under the kettle barbecue). Also check if the ignition cable is fully insulated and there are no areas that have been burnt (this may happen, for example, if the cable is left on the kettle barbecue and the barbecue was in operation for a certain amount of time at high temperatures). If the ignition cable is not fully insulated, it is possible that the ignition spark could bypass the damaged area. If this is the case, you will need to insert a new ignition cable.
  • If the ignition cable is correctly connected and the insulation is as it should be and yet there are still no sparks, you will need to check the ignition electrode.



Adjusting the ignition electrode

  • Remove all parts from the barbecue (barbecue grate, EASY FLIP funnel and the small funnel). Check to see if the end of the ignition electrode is aligned with the lower row of holes (5-8 mm gap) of the burner.
  • As the gas being discharged is heavier than the surrounding air, the gas sinks and the spark has to come from the lower row of holes.
  • If the ignition electrode is not aligned correctly, you can realign the electrode so it is in the right place with the help of a standard pair of tongs.
  • CAUTION: Should the desired performance not be achieved after all of these steps have been taken, please contact your distributor.