• Clean the different grates with a grill brush (brass bristles).
  • Do not use any sharp objects or aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Wash out the grease drip tray with soapy water or clean it with OUTDOORCHEF Barbecue Cleaner.
  • Important: If you want to smother the coals, place the lid on top and close all of the ventilation holes. Do not use any water. Always remove all of the remaining ashes before you next use the barbecue.



  • When using the OUTDOORCHEF Barbecue Cleaner, it is important that the barbecue is not in operation while you are cleaning. Wear gloves and safety goggles while you are cleaning. Spray the barbecue or the accessories thoroughly when they are still slightly warm and leave the spray to take effect for 15-30 minutes. Spray dirty surfaces again, rinse thoroughly with water and leave to dry.