The difference between 30 and 50 mbar

  • In Switzerland 28, 30, 37 and 50 mbar are officially approved. In Europe, 30 mbar mostly applies, but there are exceptions such as Austria and Germany where 50 mbar is used, and there are a few countries where 37 mbar is used. Various countries make the pressure dependent on the gas used (propane or butane).
  • 30/50 mbar is the pressure at which the gas flows through the valve, nozzle and through the Venturi pipe into the burner. This burns when it exits the burner. Thus the flow rate at 30 mbar is lower than 50 mbar. There is therefore less gas in the burner at 30 mbar than at 50 mbar. Except...
  • compensate for the lower flow rate with a bigger hole. In order that the same amount of gas reaches the burner with different pressure levels. In addition, the air volume often needs to be calibrated by adjusting the Venturi opening in order to achieve an optimal combustion level.


Gas bottles – what you need to know

  • Only gas bottles with a maximum filling weight of 7.5 kg may be placed on the base plate. Position the bottle in the space provided for it.
  • In order to attach it, you can use the supplied bottle belt or the gas bottle holder provided. Please ensure that there are no screw connections that are not sealed properly.
  • Carry out a LEAK TEST before setting up a gas bottle and after changing each gas bottle.
  • Gas bottles may not be exposed to a temperature of more than 50 °C and should never be stored in a closed room or in a basement or cellar.
  • Observe and follow the safety provisions that are recorded on the gas bottles.



  • Use an Allen key to turn off the control on the bottle in order to tighten the control on the bottle. Please ensure when you are tightening the control that you hold the control with your free hand to ensure that it doesn’t start to turn!