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Discover the unique grilling experience with Blazinglas: intense steakhouse aroma and perfect crust without open flames! With the high-quality glass ceramic plate you achieve sharply grilled, juicy steaks with full umami flavor through the optimal combination of contact and infrared radiation. The innovative design protects against dripping fat and prevents flame formation - so no more worries about uncontrolled flash fires, even with pork belly! The Blazing Glass is not only suitable for steaks, but also for fish, vegetables, burgers or fried eggs. Made from heat-resistant glass ceramic, it heats up quickly and is dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning. Experience your next grilling adventure now with the Blazinglas and give your steaks the perfect flavor! Compatible for infrared ceramic burners of the models* Grillfürst G | Napoleon Prestige PRO, Prestige, Rogue SE (*No liability assumed. Model subject to change).
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