A high-quality steak is dependent on the ideal cooking temperature and a crust that delivers roasted aromas with the full depth of the meat's flavour. In particular, many people struggle to achieve a crust that is evenly cooked and golden-brown. We've therefore summarised the most important tips for the perfect crust in our video.


But why do so many barbecue fans have such a hard time getting the perfect crust on their steak? The reasons are manifold. On the one hand, it may be due to a lack of heat. In other cases, the culprit may be the use of a poorly conducting cooking surface. A multifunctional gas barbecue like the Arosa from Outdoorchef – with all its accessories – makes it easy to lock in those mouth-watering roasting flavours. To achieve a nice, even crust on our steak, we'll use the griddle plate and a heat connector. Watch the video to find out more.