The Flat Iron is a steak whose quality has long been overlooked because the cut was simply not known. It is hidden in an area of the cow, which is not well-known for tender and juicy steaks – the shoulder. When looking for barbecue steaks, you would mostly look for cuts from the back of the cow as this is where the classic steak cuts come from, like the rump steak and entrecote. However since then innovative butchers have searched for new steak cuts beyond the previously “explored” areas of the cow and they struck lucky in the shoulder. The flat iron steak is the shooting star of steak cuts.


It is clear why it has continued to be underrated for so long: a tough tendon runs through the shoulder blade, where the flat iron is found. For decades, it found its fate cooked in stews such as “Sauerbraten” (marinated pot roast) to overcome the tough tendons in the meat. After hours in a roasting pan almost every tendon softens, even in the shoulder blade. However nobody guessed that the muscles that are grouped around the shoulder can also be perfectly grilled and fried – until the flat iron steak was discovered. In the video we show how a brilliant steak can be made from the former stewing classic.