We're breaking new ground on the barbecue! Even people who swear by high-quality meat dishes also need frequent meat-free days – but even then, your barbecue doesn't have to stay in the garage. Tempeh is an ideal alternative that remains relatively unknown. These blocks of fermented soya beans are among the most popular national dishes in Indonesia – and for good reason. Tempeh tastes intensely nutty with a strong bite and plenty of satisfying "umami" flavour.

We'll give the tempeh some strong roasted notes on the barbecue and cook oriental spiced aubergines alongside it. Important: Be sure to give your aubergines plenty of time and heat to ensure they really break down and adopt a creamy texture – only then will they reach their full, delicious potential. Combined with the relative newcomer, tempeh, the result is a combination that is not merely a meat substitute, but rather a real gourmet heavyweight in its own right. Definitely worth a try!