“First bring the steak to room temperature” is one of the most frequently quoted pieces of advice in recipes for preparing meat on the barbecue and/or in a pan. However, the reason behind this is rarely provided, sometimes there is talk of “heat shock” happening to the meat, if it is too cold when it is put on the grill. However, if you try to break this traditional grilling rule, you will quickly realise that steaks do not always have to be at room temperature to be perfectly cooked.


The only disadvantage of low meat temperatures is there will be a longer preparation time. The meat takes longer in order to reach the perfect cooking level. So the method of putting meat at lower temperatures on the barbecue has unbeatable advantages that are often overlooked: the cold creates built-in protection from overcooking the large edge of the meat. We dared to put this to an extreme test and put a frozen steak on the grill. You can see the result in the video.