Porterhouse steak, T-bone or rump steak – these are the steaks that bring ultimate happiness on the grill for most barbecue fans. But what if the real star of the barbecue is still hidden away, concealed in the ribeye? Meat experts say that the muscle with the best meat characteristics is called “Spinalis Dorsi” and is part of the ribeye steak. In other words: Everyone has probably eaten it at some point, but the Spinalis Dorsi is rarely recognised as an independent muscle. It is a long muscle, clearly recognisable that lies above the “Eye of Round”, i.e. the round roast beef muscle, which makes up a large part of the ribeye.


We have carried out the experiment and isolated the Spinalis Dorsi from its other teammates and simply enjoyed it in its own right for once. This demonstrated that: this muscle really provides a unique feeling in the mouth. It is up to you to decide if you are ready to sacrifice a ribeye steak for this delight. But don’t say we didn’t tell you.