Discover the versatility and modularity of the Arosa and Davos series

Arosa Series

The widest temperature spectrum on the barbecue market and a unique design language: the Arosa series embodies premium feeling at all levels.

Davos Series

The Davos series stands for maximum versatility. Thanks to the modular system, the Davos models can be individually expanded according to need.


Der matt-schwarze Gas-Kugelgrill überzeugt mit klaren Linien und einem modernen Design. Der Grill ist mit der neuesten Brenner Technologie von Outdoorchef ausgestattet. Das Modell kann mit Systemelementen und Erweiterungen ausgebaut werden.
  • 80  –  360 °C
  • Gourmet Burner Technology
  • Gas Safety System
  • Metal base frame enclosed on 4 sides
  • Expandable
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Der kompakte Gas-Kugelgrill ist mit dem einzigartigen Trichtersystem ausgestattet, das eine gleichmässige Hitzeverteilung garantiert. Das moderne Grillmodell kann mit exklusiven Systemelementen und Erweiterungen individuell ausgebaut werden.
  • 180  –  340 °C
  • High-quality textile cover
  • Expandable
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Gas kettle and funnel system
Standard position
  • From 0°C to 360°C in 10 minutes
  • Even heat distribution
  • No harmful grease flare-ups
  • Easy to clean
  • Juicy meat that doesn’t need to be turned
  • More time for the guests
Volcano position
  • Intensive direct heat in excess of 500°C
  • Perfect for OUTDOORCHEF accessories, such as the barbecue wok, cast-iron griddle plate or Plancha griddle plate
Gourmet Burner Technology (GBT):
  • Continuous, uninterrupted temperatures ranging from 80°–360°C
  • Ability to slow roast or keep food warm at 80°C
  • Perfekt für Low & Slow BBQ im Temperaturbereich 110 – 130 Grad
  • Barbecuing, cooking and baking; max. heat up to 360°C
Gas Safety System (GSS):
  • Flame Guard: Ignited burners are optimally protected against the weather and re-ignite automatically if extinguished by a strong wind
  • Barbecuing is possible at very low temperatures, even in windy weather
  • Prevents non-ignited gas from leaking out
  • Safety Light: Proven safety that lights up. The safety light illuminates when the valve is open and the gas is escaping

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