A perfectly prepared steak – in addition to a very good base product – is made up of two essential factors: an ideal cooking point and a dark crust on the outside. The flavoursome interaction between both components ensures a steak flavour that is full-bodied and hearty. Cooked meat usually tastes very subtle on its own and requires the intense roasted aromas to act as counterparts in order to create depth of flavour. The secret behind these key roasted aromas is the Maillard reaction.


In the video we explain why the Maillard reaction is one of the most important culinary processes that has ever been discovered. We also explain to you what factors you need to watch out for in order to obtain an intense crust on your steak when you grill it. A gas barbecue, which can reach interior temperatures of over 300 degrees Celsius is an ideal starting point for triggering the Maillard reaction in meat.